Meeting Jesus on the Oregon Coast

Last night I met a young man named Luke from Washington at a campsite on the central Oregon Coast.

He was completely disconnected from family and angry at life, yet also experiencing the tastes of freedom from bicycling down the coast, with plans not to stop until reaching San Diego and figuring out what’s next at that point.

We talked for about two hours, swapping life stories and dreams and discussing what it means to be free. That’s when I started talking about the freedom and peace of relationship and finding one’s identity in the man Jesus.

I was able to communicate who Jesus is in a way he said he’d never heard being raised in church and he said he would like to have that kind of relationship. We prayed for a bit and I saw a complete change in him. The anger, at least that had come out from discussing his past, was then absent. It was a very peaceful night.

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